Poloz: There is no ‘Poloz put’

Poloz: There is no ‘Poloz put’

Poloz: There is no ‘Poloz put’

More from Poloz:

  • Can understand markets being preoccupied with the risk of a trade war

  • Impact on economy from energy sector is looking material but smaller than in 2015-16

  • It’s the discount for light Canadian oil that’s the most important thing

  • Interested in learning in oil patch’s plan for investment

  • Today’s trade balance data was positive compared to what BOC expected

  • Reason to believe we’re headed for stronger investment

  • Shouldn’t lose sight that demand rotation is coming together

  • Downside risks have emerged for economic forecasts

  • Big thing now is how does the oil shock affect macro numbers

  • Big change in oil market has been discount on light oil


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